What would it cost to have a Rock Climbing Wall at my event?

$749.99 for a 2hr minimum, then $149.99 each additional hour. (Travel fees, staffing, and taxes are not included)

Can I get a full price quote for the Rock Wall?

Yes.  Please CLICK HERE to get a full price quote via email within 24hrs.

How tall is the Rock Climbing Wall?

24 feet tall and 8 feet wide

Can the Rock Climbing Wall be setup indoors?

Yes & No.  The Rock Climbing Wall can only be setup indoors at huge indoor venues such as Convention Centers.  Most venues cannot accommodate a Rock Climbing Wall on the inside due to spacing and entrance access.

How long is the rental for?

The rental period can be as long as your event last.  Rental fees are based on an hourly rate

How much space do I need to accommodate the Rock Climbing Wall?

Total Space required is 30 feet wide and 70 feet long.  The Rock Climbing Wall will be towed on a trailer.  We use cargo vans to pull the trailer.  We will need space to maneuver the vehicle into your desired setup location.

Are the harnesses safe?

Yes, they are manufactured with heavy duty seat belt material with seat belt buckles to secure riders for safety.

Is the staff required or can we run it ourselves?

Yes.  The Rock Climbing Wall will be delivered, setup, and operated by our staff only.

How long does it take to set up and take down the Rock Wall?

45 Minutes

What time do you arrive for setup?

One hour in advance.

How many people can climb the Rock Wall at once?

3 People.

What is the weight limit of Rock Climbers?

250 lbs

What are the required ages for Rock Climbers?

7 and up.

Is a flat surface required to setup a Rock Climbing Wall?


What kind of surface is required? example: dirt, gravel, grass, asphalt, sand?

Asphalt or grass preferred.

What type of event would a Rock Wall be best for?

Fall festivals, church festivals, school events, employee picnic, Public Festivals

Can you extend the hours, and how much more will it cost to rent the Rock Climbing Wall?

Yes.  After the first 2 hour pricing of $749.99, each additional hour is $149.99.

How much will the delivery of a Rock Wall cost?

Travel fees vary per location.  Get a complete Price Quote Here.

How far in advance do you need to book it?

6-8 weeks is preferred, but shorter periods are acceptable.

How much money do I have to put down to secure the Rock Climbing Wall for my event date?

50% of the total payment due is required to secure your date for the Rock Climbing Wall Rental.

When does the final payment have to be paid by?

3 days prior to your event date.